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Welcome to the website. BigPierogi is a game hosting service ran by me. I currently run this as a hobby. Above this are links to all the different games I am currently hosting. The list of different games I host may expand in the future, depending on what my current server and future server is capable of running and what is popular.

What games do I host?

I host 5 different games; Modded Minecraft, Openttd, Factorio, Terraria, and Rust.

Is it free?

Yes! I do game server hosting as a hobby, which means you are able to play free of charge. I do not plan on making a profit from running these servers.

How reliable is it?

The server used for hosting is very reliable. It runs 24/7, so you can play at any time of the day. If a server maintenance happens, it will be alerted here and in every game server ahead of time so that you can save everything.

This is a server run for fun. Nothing should be taken seriously that is found on the servers.